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Reshade on Sims 2

What you need:

Install reshade on the higher EP you have.
I have the Ultimate Collection so the path for me looks like this: C:/Program Files x86/Origin Games/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun with Pets/SP9/TSBin and then select Sims2EP9.exe.

Choose Direct3D 10+ 
Click Yes to download effects

Then choose wich effects you want (leave them all if you don't know wich effects you want, you can delete the ones you won't use later on the shaders folder)

Then just close reshade and open sims 2

You should now see reshade on your game screen like this :

Enter a neighborhood and open reshade by cliking Shift + F2 and just follow the tutorial.

  • If reshade doesn't appear on your game, reiniciate your pc.
  • Reshade may crash on laptops with dedicated Nvidia graphic cards.
Deleting Reshade:

If you want to delete reshade from the game just go to the game directory where reshade was installed and just delete the reshade folder and 2 dxgi files (a third dxgi file will appear if you had run the game with reshade, and if you created a preset don't forget to delete that too)

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Thank you for this! However, it does crash as soon as I get to the neighbourhood.

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Desktop, I've tried both 8/9 and 10+, I have 16GB of RAM, an Nvidia GTX 660ti graphics card, an i7 processor, etc.

I have Mansion and Garden plus every expansion and stuff pack before that.

I do not have ultimate collection. O:

It crashes on a clean install of the game too.

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Forgot to mention I'm on Windows 7!

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I've used Graphics Rules Maker already, I have a 4GB card and everything runs very well on it o:

I don't know what the issue is either. I'll keep testing and report back if I've exhausted every option. Thank you so much for writing this tutorial.

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Sadly it didn't work.

When I try to boot under DX10, nothing happens, by the way. 8/9 just crashes.

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Have you tried using AnyGameStarter? It's easier than a virtual machine.

It bugs me too because I've got a DirectX 11 card.

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Okay! Also I have a link to the pirate version if you really want ^^ I have the regular discs but they got damaged so I had to use that.

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I'm sorry for such a hassle! D:

I have a theory that it only works with UC.

Also I have a video on the flashing pink here.

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I have removed it and nothing helped, I'm curious to wonder if it works for other people. I will ask my sims chat group to try it, they are very helpful.